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Welcome to the 2011 GovMadness Tournament presented by GovLoop!


March Madness is here and this year it’s not just happening on the basketball court. Ever wonder what agency kicked the most butt or what city has the best govies? Well now you can decide by picking the agencies and cities you think are cranking out government awesome… bracket style.


Vote For Your Favorites Now!


We’ve pit the 32 agencies with the most employees and the 32 cities with the most government workers against each other and now it’s up to you to tell us who’s most awesome.



Here’s how you play:

1. Sign Up – Create a GovLoop Account, You’ll need it to be eligible to win the GovMadness Challenge.

2. Create a Bracket – Pick what agencies and cities you think will win the match ups all the way down to the last one standing.

3. Submit your Bracket – once you’ve finished your picks make sure you send in your bracket by hitting submit at the bottom of the create a bracket page.

4. Vote – Starting March 17 vote on which agencies you want to win the match ups. Voting happens in 6 rounds just like the NCAA tournament.

5. Win – Check and see how your bracket is doing on the standings page as each vote cycle happens. The winner will get prizes. (see prizes below)


Filling Out a Bracket

Filling out a bracket is vital to participating in GovMadness. Being a GovLoop member and filling out a bracket makes your eligible to win some of our awesome prizes. You can either submit a bracket by going to our create a bracket section in the top navigation or by downloading a paper bracket, filling it out and sending it back to stephen@govloop.com.

All brackets must be filled out and submitted by March 17. If you don’t fill out a bracket you CAN still participate in the voting section of GovMadness


Voting is important. As govies you probably already knew that but GovMadness is no exception. Your favorite agencies and cities can’t move forward in the tournament unless you vote for them. Voting for round one starts on March 17. Below you can see a calendar of when to vote. Remember this is just like the NCAA tournament winning round one doesn’t mean you win it all so continued voting is important.


Engage! Once you have submitted your bracket and started the voting process, don’t forget to check out the Standings Page. There you will find the scoring breakdown, as well as the GovMadness Top 10. See how your bracket stacks up against the competition. Also you can check out our Voting Results Page that will show you the percentages of who’s voting for who to see how you’re “teams” are faring, and watch as the tournament action unfolds! Also you can use social media tools to share who you are voting for after you’ve submitted your votes to rally others to support your picks.

Why Play

This is a tournament after all so what’s in it for the agency that wins and the person who picks the bracket the best?

To the Agency or City that wins – GovLoop will do an awesome feature on you! Also you’ll get the inaugural GovMadness trophy which is currently being designed but I can promise it’ll be cool enough that you’ll want to display it. Also bragging rights which city or agency doesn’t want to be able to say they are certifiably awesome!

To the individual who scores the most points picking the bracket – You’ll get completely swagged out with GovLoop gear as well as score a $25 Starbucks gift card and even some hardware of your own to proudly display on your desk at the office.

Also this is just an easy way to have a good time so play for prizes or play for fun we don’t care either way… just play!

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