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GovMadness Standings

Welcome to the standing page. Here you can see how the tournament is coming along with our master bracket and you can also see how your personal bracket is stacking up against everyone else’s with the current standings.

The master bracket will be updated after every round of voting so remember to vote and if you can’t wait to see how things are going to shake out than you can check who’s currently winning the match-up by going to our voting trends page.

Also below the master bracket you can see the scoring breakdown for the tournament as well as the current standings featuring the top 10 bracket scores. Scoring is weighted by round so the later rounds mean more when picking. Make sure you come back and vote for your picks in the later rounds as in will help you rack up points!



Current Standings

1. Doug Mashkuri (86 pts)

2. Frank Bauch (83 pts)

3. Patti Pfeifer (80 pts)

3. Amy Larsen (80 pts)

4. Dave Uejio (77 pts)

5. Tom Le Veque (72 pts)

6. Adriel Hampton (71 pts)

7. Lucas Cioffi (70 pts)

7. John Nixon (70 pts)

8. Chris Wink (69 pts)

8. Jon Forte (69 pts)




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